Sloan-Hendrix Senior High Archery Team Practices at 3D Range.
by Samantha Webb and Jenna Smith
The Sloan Hendrix senior high archery team took part in a 3D shooting event at Lake Charles State Park on February 1, 2016 from 8:30-2:00. Attending the shoot were team members Alisha Hinson, Haley Meeks, Ashley Swartzlander, Garett Freeman, Devin Meeks, Carter Vance, Patrick Ponder, Corey Hill, Samantha Webb, Landon Wells, Jordan Dail, Jacob Smith, Tommy Haynes, Hasting Rone, Jenna Smith, and Dylan Stockwell. The team all agreed that it was a really fun time on the 3d hunt a chance to hang out and laugh but they are all looking forward to the competition coming up at the end of February! The Archery Team is coached by Greg Foreman who said, I am very proud of how both teams have come along, increasing their skills with every practice. We have had great participation in this our first year for archery, and I hope it continues in the future. The team was also accompanied by bus driver Brian Keogh and Mr. Pardo Roberts. Photographs by Mr. Dean Smith.