On Monday, March 7, 2016 the Spanish 2 Class took a field trip to Little Rock, Arkansas to attend a performance by the Hispanic Flamenco Ballet show of professional dancers.  They performed Latin American dances from various Spanish-speaking countries. The students, Mrs. Clem, Mr. Keough and his daughter Mrs. Heather, who lives close by, enjoyed a visit with the instructors from Virtual Arkansas, Mrs. Edelen, Mrs. Westerman, and Mrs. Bagsby at a Mexican restaurant in Conway.
of Origin
Cumbia   Colombia, Panamá
Merengue   Dominican Republi
Salsa   Centro América
Samba   Brasil
Tango   Argentina
Malambo, Boleadoras   Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay
Chacarera    Chile
Guaguancó    Cuba
Many of the Latin dances have become 
popular here in the United States.