The 2016-2017 basketball seasons at Sloan-Hendrix came to a close during the Regional Tournament at Carlisle on February 23 when the Sr. Boys team was defeated in overtime by the Clarendon Lions.  The girls season ended the previous night with a loss to Carlisle.  The boys had an outstanding season finishing at 30 wins with only 5 losses.  They won both the Lawrence County Tournament and the WBC Tournament and were Co-Conference Champs.  The girls were honored with the Sportsmanship awards at both the WBC and the NEA Tournaments.  Seniors finishing their high school careers at SHHS included Kierce Due, Colby Johnson, Ben Meigs, Tyler Murphy, Karmyn Gray, and Brenda McCain.

Graphic Design by Karmyn Gray and Colton Dail
Photographs by Perry Hutton