Team and Individual Results

Jr. Girls Jr. Boys
70th Sarah Scales 14:38.20
73rd  Taylor Ivy 14:46.08
89th  Audra Scales 15:40.61
124th   Rebecca Simington 18:56.41
10th David Brigman 10:29.56 Medalist
76th Braden Brand 12:27.05
146th  James Robison 15:42.24
Sr. Girls Sr. Boys - Team 5th
57th Haley Meeks 27:13.52


23rd  Dylan Decker 19:52.41
27th Tyler Bounds 20:20.05
28th  Raymond Bailey 20:24.60
61st Dustin Harris 22:34.94
73rd  Hunter Stallings 23:15.25


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