Photos by
Blayzey Rose,
Amber Johnson,
and Hannah Rohrer.


Cloie Marshall and Skylia Lester
Jr. and Sr. High Homecoming Queens

Homecoming Week for 2017 began on Monday, December 15 with the Dress-up Days.  The theme for this year was Road Trippin' and the Dress-up Days took the Sloan-Hendrix student body on a trip across the country.  Each day featured a different state and a different theme.  The maids campaigned all week in anticipation for the election on Friday.  The Homecoming Ceremony practice took place on Thursday morning and the entire student body took part in the Pep Rally on Friday afternoon.  The Sophomore Class won the coveted Spirit Stick at the Pep Rally.  The basketball games with the Maynard Tigers kicked off the Friday night festivities beginning with the Jr. Boys Team.  The Sr. Boys and Sr. Girls played after the Ceremony.  The Ceremony featured the crowning of the 2017 Homecoming Queens.  Sophomore Cloie Marshall and Senior Skylia Lester were chosen by the 7th-12th grades to represent Sloan-Hendrix as this year's Junior High and Senior High Homecoming Queens.  Homecoming week ended with a dance following the ball games.  Homecoming is sponsored by the Sloan-Hendrix student council.  The hard work of the officers and their advisor, Mrs. Leah Morgan, resulted in an enjoyable and memorable event.