Sloan-Hendrix strives to educate students in a variety of ways, in and outside
of the classroom.  Teachers are constantly providing new, and interesting learning
experiences in the class and through club and organization activities.  This ensures
that Sloan-Hendrix is never a dull place.  There is always something happening on
campus at any given moment.  This page will be updated as often as possible to help
you keep up with ...

September 2017


Sloan-Hendrix Cross Country Team at Sloan-Hendrix Invitational at Old Davidsonville State Park
Sloan-Hendrix Cross Country Team at Race on the Ridge at Crowleys Ridge College
The Ralph Joseph Youth Leadership Program participants recently visited the state capitol and underwent leadership training at the Ferndale 4H Center.  Read More.
Sloan-Hendrix Cross Country Team at Josh Park Memorial at Heber Springs
Sloan-Hendrix muscians jump for joy while attending Lyon College Band Day
Nok sculptures in the Fine Arts Building
Cross Country Team at Melbourne
The members of the boys basketball team wanted to find a way to help the flood victims in Houston. The head basketball coach at Houston University, Kelvin Sampson, asked for athletic programs across the country to send any team gear to him so that he and his team could hand it out to those in need. The boys put together a box of Sloan-Hendrix t-shirts and shipped them to Coach Sampson. The boys know it is a small gesture, but they are hoping it makes a difference.


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