On Tuesday, March 13, 2018, the seventh grade girls attended an event sponsored by the Junior Auxiliary of Lawrence County titled J.A. Jewels.
According to the JA of Lawrence County, "We were able to serve all the 7th-grade girls in our county.  The girls were treated to two incredible speakers and performers, Kailey Abel and Claudia Raffo.  T-shirts were given based on personality quizzes, and girls were divided into groups and learned more about their personality traits."  
This was basically a girls empowerment day.  Kailey Abel spoke on how she stepped back and assessed her personality and the direction she wanted her life to go when she was the same age as these girls.  She spoke with them on standing up and believing in themselves and their dreams, whatever they are.  She was a brilliant speaker and left the girls with the quote "this girl can" to use when they felt down and defeated and as if they had to conform.  She wanted to instill in them the confidence to stand up and do what's right.  Kailey performed the new song that she wrote, Strawberry Fields.
Claudia Raffo talked about stepping out of your comfort zone and finding what makes you, you.  She is the daughter of the A-State baseball coach, Tommy Raffo.  Claudia shared the dance routine that she uses while competing in pageants.  
After listening to both speakers, the girls were divided up in the gym by their shirt color.  Each color represented a different personality type.  These girls worked on learning more about their personalities and competed in team building competitions.  
It was a great event for these girls.  Thanks to the Junior Auxiliary for providing this opportunity.

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