Who's Who at Sloan-Hendrix 2017-2018

Dustin Harris & Haley Young
Class Clown:
Malcolm Finley & Emily Raub
Best Jr. High Athletes:
Garrett Reese & Cloie Marshall
Most Studious: Briar Miller & Rachel Jines
Most Handsome & Prettiest:
Dylan Decker & Lacee Richard
Best All Around: Clayton Williams & Abbey Vance
Best Sr. High Athletes: Hunter Stallings & Caylea Johnson
Prettiest Eyes: Hasting Rone & Halei Boyles
Best Smile: Bryson Vance & Lauren Honeycutt
Best School Spirit: Perry Hutton & Skylia Lester
Best to take Home to meet Mom: Josh Stephens & Blaze Hurt
Best Dressed: Brayden Brewer & Maddyson Lamb
Favorite Teacher: Mr. Lee
Most Likely to get a teacher off topic: Riley Hubbard & Jessica Ferguson
Most Likely to be Instagram famous: Aaron Benzen, Amanda Balentine & Catrina Williams
Most Likely to need a ride: Jessie Ferguson & Hannah Cox
Most Likely to get caught sleeping in class: Riley Hale & Tabitha Palmer
Life of the Party: Corey Hill & Kassidy Young
Most Likely to Succeed: Briar Miller & Abbey Vance
Most Likely to be Remembered: Malcolm Finley & Caylea Johnson
Most Changed since 9th grade: Jessie Ferguson, Lane Lee, & Blayzey Rose

Annual King & Queen Nominees:
8th Grade: Garrison Baker & Lakyn Phares
9th Grade: Dylan Bookout & Samantha Clay
10th Grade: Bryson Vance & Ava Murphy
11th Grade: Logan Dail & Maddyson Lamb
12th Grade: Briar Miller & Annie Doney


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