Sloan-Hendrix Trap Shooting Teams
by Maddie Terrell and Lilly Foley
On Friday May 11, 2018, the Junior High Sloan-Hendrix trap team attended the Regional Tournament, held in Jacksonville, Arkansas. The Senior High Sloan-Hendrix trap team attended their tournament the following day. Trap shooting originated as practice for bird shooting, however, it has become a sport with large participation, especially among high school students. Many schools have a trap shooting team and most students join for the fun. For example, Garrett Freeman, a member of the Senior High trap team said, I joined trap because I enjoy skeet shooting, and I figured it would be a fun sport. All members must attend at least six practices to compete in tournaments. Practices and competitions are under intense supervision of the team coach, and they have to follow strict safety precautions. The Sloan-Hendrix teams are coached by Mr. Greg Foreman. The junior high trap team members are Garrison Baker, Zachary Smith, Walker Sexton, Luke Ferguson, Landon Gilbreth, Ethan Lingenfelter, Ava Lawrence, Chaney Johnson, Bethany Young, Lilly Morris, and Lakyn Phares. The Senior High trap members include Kyle Roark, Garrett Reese, Garrett Morris, Brendan Dail, Domonick folk, Remington Hulse, John Jones, Ethan Marshall, Rig Utley, Logan Dail, Hunter Brown, Garett Freeman, Jordan Dail, Brantley Gholson, Austin Killough, Remington Swann, Caden Tribble, Macy McCormic, and Zoey Horton. The photographer for the senior and junior high trap shooting team is Ava Murphy. The record keepers for both teams are Hannah Walton and Maddyson Lamb.