On Thursday, September 20 at 6:30 pm, faculty members of the Sloan-Hendrix School District fearlessly walked onto the court in the Bill McCurley Gymnasium to face an opponent that was faster, stronger, and younger than any of them had faced outside the classroom in many a year.   Demonstrating calm determination that was reflective of their multi-decades of experience, the aged athletes exuded confidence in their ability to face down their opponents for the evening, the class of 2019.  Alas, confidence, determination, and experience failed to conquer youth, strength, and fleetness.  The contest ended with the seniors claiming an 80-72 victory.  The faculty members were led by Coach Greg Foreman who, following the game, expressed his gratitude for the effort of his team and his concern for there not being enough ice bags in Lawrence County to meet his team's need.  Coach Ricky Grisham led the Class of 2019 to their victory.  Mr. Clifford Rorex and Mr. Ligie Waddell served as the referees for the evening and Mrs. Amanda Rorex ran the clock and scoreboard, guaranteeing an honest game.  The faculty has reportedly formed a search committee for their replacements for the next game.  The event was organized by Mr. Burton Winston as a fund raiser for the Sloan-Hendrix Baseball program.